1. Basic Requirements for Organic Planting
1. Definition
Organic planting refers to the planting method that follows the laws of nature and completely uses natural raw materials in the production process. Chemically synthesized fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, genetic engineering and ionizing radiation techniques cannot be used.
2. Requirements
(1) Land
 No chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides have been used within three years.
② Atmosphere, water quality and soil should meet the ecological environment quality standards of organic food production areas.
③The soil should be relatively fertile. In the 30cm cultivation layer, the soil organic matter should be more than 5%, the total nitrogen should be more than 0.15%, the available nitrogen content should be more than 9.5mg/100g soil, the total phosphorus should be more than 0.1%, and the available phosphorus content should be more than 4.2mg/100g soil , The available potassium content is greater than 30mg/100g soil.
(2) Fertilizer
①Mainly apply fully decomposed and fermented organic manure, and can also apply compost and green manure mainly composed of straw, fallen leaves, peat, and green plants.
② The amount of decomposed organic fertilizer applied per mu of land should be more than 2000kg.
③70% of the decomposed organic fertilizer is applied to the soil when ridges are formed, and the remaining 30% is applied to the soil when sowing.
(3) Pest control
① When pests and diseases occur, natural agents should be used for prevention and control, such as mineral oil, copper preparations, lime, natural pyrethrum, soda, etc.
②If it is necessary to use chemical pesticides for prevention and control, you should get in touch with the certification body and use them only after obtaining consent.
(4) Weeds
Generally choose artificial weeding, or stocking appropriate herbivores to eat the weeds.
2.There are three types of organic certificates and Major differences
With the below Main activity,it would be the quicker way to basically confirm if the supplier is Organic manufacturer.
Well,there are also many ways to make the dinstinction.If interests,we could negotiate.
1.Start certification from the plantation base.
Main activity: A_Agriculture
Product/s, Product Group/s, Activity/Activities: Plants and plant production 
2.Certification from factory
Main activity: B_Processing and relates activities
Product/s, Product Group/s,Activity/Activities: Processed products
3.trade only
Main activity: X_Export
Product/s, Product Group/s,Activity/Activities:Processed products 
3.Why are most plant extracts not certified organic?
1.Chinese herbal medicines are currently artificially planted on a large scale in the market, they are not wild, and the whole process of organic planting is uncontrollable
2.Most demand in the market is non-organic and production costs are high.