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We are more than a botanical extract manufacturer. Initial Naturals, also a nutraceuticals company, supplies an assortment of ingredients, including various nutraceuticals, amino acids, vitamins, excipients, and minerals. They can be applied to the production of food, medicines, cosmetics, and fodder, etc.



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About Us

We are a herbal extract powder manufacturer in Xian and we provide one-stop shopping for natural ingredients. When it comes to nutritional and health ingredients, Initial Naturals would be your best-chosen partner. Except for regular supplying, we source, supply and develop ingredients across all Chinese market and now Initial Naturals is one of the leading herbal extract provider in the herbal extracts industry. Initial Naturals features low-cost ingredients without underestimating the product’s quality and an extensive range of natural ingredients are available. Start a conversation with us and you would find out a new ingredients world, which would surely be adding more benefits and value to your business.

Company Advantage

Years of Experience
Qualified Exported Ingredients
Satisfied Oversea Customers
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Featured Ingredients

Here are the most trendy products at Initial Naturals. They are of nutritive value and surely will be a valuable supplement in your ingredient.

Ginseng Extract

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Echinacea Extract

Milk Thistle Extract

Schisandra Chinensis Extract

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Our Services

Initial Naturals is a botanical extract supplier, also a vitamin manufacturer. We not only supply botanical extracts, but also provide nutraceuticals, vital and beneficial vitamins, etc. The variety of the products enables you to shop at one place is enough to meet your needs. Our services cover botanical supplying, ingredient sourcing, formula premixing and OEM service.

Botanicals Supplying

We manufacture ingredients powder using Chinese featured herbs and botanicals.

Ingredients Sourcing

We source from the whole China for all ingredients,which can satisfy our nutraceutical customers’ need.

Formula Premixing

We provide Formula Premix business line.The tailor-made formula premix can satisfy all kinds of nutraceutical customers’ need.

OEM Consulting

We cooperate with the Top 3 OEM factories in China if the customers have the OEM capsules or tablets business need.

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