Product name:Probiotics powder

Gram-positive, Catalase-positive, with the spore form, Rod-shaped bacteria, and metabolism prefer mesophilic temperature and aerobic condition. It is widely found in the environment and also the animal as well the human being bodies. The spore formed Bacillus spp are with good resistant to the environment temperature, it can be long time stored in temperature around 60℃ and even can survive 20minutes in temperature above 120℃ when the spore form in stable condition, but the animal/human gastric and water or humidity etc can help to transfer the bacteria from spore form to active status. The Bacillus bacteria are using its vegetable cell which composed of peptidoglycan to coordinate this inactive/active metabolism.

Initial Naturals CodeINPR07033
Type:Bacillus subtilis
Ingredients:Bacillus subtilis probiotics powder
Appearance:White to yellowish powder
Odor:Slight Fermentation Odor
Bacillus subtilis Viable Cell:8.0*1011 cfu/g
Application:Food additives;Food supplement ingredients
Efficacy:Promote Nutrition, Growth, Health
Shelf Life:24 Months
Storage:Store in a dark, dry and cool ( – 18°C or below) area with ventilation. During transportation, avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight, rain and moisture.