Probiotics have become incredibly popular over the few years due to our societal and medical knowledge of how gut health influences the rest of the human body. This research even supports using probiotics for children to help with everything from irritable bowel syndrome to eczema to even the common cold.

Finding the best probiotic for children can be a bit overwhelming due to the oversaturation of the marketplace. So many companies are entering the market hoping to capitalize on the information overload, and concerned parents have to keep their children safe. That is why we thought it a good idea to offer a comprehensive and straightforward buying guide to the best pediatric probiotics available.

What Is A Probiotic For Children?

Probiotics are about bacteria. Yes, certain bacteria are bad for our bodies, but children need healthy bacteria for digestion, absorbing nutrients, and battling other ailments when sick.

These entire bacteria make up a community called the microbiome. The goal of the best probiotic for children is to maintain balance inside that microbiome. Otherwise, when something becomes off, or the good bacteria recede, the bad bacteria take over, causing illness. So essentially, a quality probiotic will improve the natural immune system and improve children’s gut health.

What Are The Health Benefits Of The Best Probiotic For Children?

Every probiotic is going to have a varying effect on each child. We are all unique, which is also true for our gut microbiome. In general, there are some well-known benefits that a quality probiotic can give to children, including:

1 – Support Bowel Health

Diherreah and constipation are two common issues with kids as they grow into adulthood. Daily probiotics help support the critical balance needed to promote regularity and avoid an upset stomach.

2 – Encourage Healthy Digestion

When children grow, we often do not know what foods, nutrients, or vitamins will absorb better. A good probiotic will produce digestive enzymes that ensure balanced digestion for foods.

3 – Greater Body Effects

Kids are prone to eczema and yeast issues. Probiotics help create a healthier gut environment. It also helps all critical systems to receive nutrition from the gut to enhance their overall health. The best probiotic for children will also improve their secondary conditions.

Choosing Tips On The Best Probiotic For Children

There are a lot of options for the best probiotic for children available online and off. Finding the suitable one that will work best for your child does not have to be overwhelming.

1 – Oversight

While some probiotics are monitored by government agencies, it is always to start by looking for a probiotic that a trusted third-party organization has tested.

2 – Quality Ingredients

The probiotic you select should contain as few fillers as possible. Not only does this ensure you are not paying for sugars or other ingredients outside the probiotic, but you are also avoiding anything your child may be allergic to like gluten, wheat, milk, peanuts, soy, eggs, or others.

3 – Methods

While adults can take a solid pill without an issue, children have different needs. You do not want to force them to take a pill and end up with a choking hazard. Instead, try probiotic powder or liquids that will not harm your child.

4 – Appropriate Strains & CFUs

Different strains have different effects. If you are searching for an appropriate probiotic to help with constipation, then taking one designed for eczema may not be the best idea. Always consult your pediatrician first and look for a probiotic with at least 1 million CFUs (colony forming units).

Types Of The Best Probiotic For Children

As we mentioned above, different strains will have different effects. Besides finding that perfect strain for your child, you may also want to consider:

1 – Brand

Not all brands are made the same. It is good to stick to brands with a solid reputation for quality sourcing of natural ingredients over those that may use risky fillers or ingredients you do not recognize.

2 – Storage

Live probiotics often require refrigeration. Even probiotic powder needs to be kept in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight. Therefore, having your probiotics safely stored ensures the quality of the contents for your child.

3 – Age Appropriateness

Always check to ensure the probiotic you are using works for your child’s age. The human body has different needs according to what stage of life we are currently going through. For example, you would not give a teenagers dose to a 5-year-old kid.

Choosing The Best – Initial Natural Probiotics For Children

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