The human body is a complex system that relies on numerous nutrients, enzymes, coenzymes, and other compounds for proper functioning. Only the adequate balance of these compounds allows us to remain healthy and achieve our full potential. One of the much-needed coenzymes is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). Lately, NAD has become a frequent topic, but it’s still difficult for many to differentiate it from NADH. What makes the two compounds, NAD+ and NADH, different? Scroll down to find out. What are NAD+ and NADH? Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme that presents in living cells and is central to metabolism. The coenzyme was first discovered in 1906 by Arthur Harden and William John Young, British biochemists. When looking up NAD, you can find several terms such as NADH and NAD+. It’s easy to think these are just different terms manufacturers use on the labels of these products, but they’re not. As an essential coenzyme for metabolism, NAD exists in two forms: NADH and NAD+. In other words, NAD+ and NADH are subcategories. NAD+ and NADH are called redox couples. In the term redox, NADH refers to the reduced, while NAD+ describes the oxidized form of the same atom or molecule. It’s worth mentioning that NAD can switch between these two forms and thereby carries out its primary function – transporting electrons from one reaction to the other in the process of energy production and metabolism. The similarity between NAD+ and NADH Before we focus on the differences between NADH and NAD+, it’s useful to say a thing or two about their similarities. Both forms of NAD carry an atom of hydrogen as well as electrons from one reaction to another. Additionally, both NAD+ and NADH contain two ribose molecules bound to the phosphate groups and the adenosine and nicotinamide phase. It’s also useful to mention NAD+ and NADH alike are nucleotides and are involved in catabolic reactions. Most dehydrogenases use these two forms of NAD. The difference between NAD+ and NADH Besides several important similarities, NADH and NAD+ have some differences too. For example, NADH is a reduced form of NAD+, produced in the Krebs cycle and glycolysis. However, NAD+ is the oxidized form. In the most stable state, NAD is positively charged. That’s why we write it as NAD+. It happens because one atom of nitrogen has an unequal number of protons and electrons when all atoms comprising the molecules bind together. Atoms are neutral on their own, but since the nitrogen atom contains one more proton, the molecule ends up with a positive charge. When NAD+ accepts hydrogen atoms, the NADH happens. Does our body need NAD+ and NADH? Actually, it does. The redox reaction between NADH and NAD+ is crucial for generating energy in the body through cellular respiration. The term cellular respiration refers to the process of reactions taking place in cells to convert energy from nutrients and molecules to ATP. The body goes through three phases to use food for energy. These include glycolysis, Krebs cycle, electron transport chain. Conversion of NAD+ to NADH occurs in the first two phases, whereas in the third phase, we see the division of molecules from NADH to NAD+. As a result, H+ and two electrons are produced. Here, H+ is necessary for energy. In other words, we need NAD+ and NADH to produce energy, which allows us to perform basic functions. Moreover, they are also crucial for maintaining the integrity of DNA and ensuring the proper functioning of defensive genes. As a result, these molecules protect us from aging and disease. Best products from Initial Naturals It is acknowledged that NAD+ and NADH are essential for humans. However, when confronted with so many choices, it is tricky to choose a capable NADH manufacturer. Here we would like to recommend the product from Initial Naturals, which comes with a yellowish powder and provides outstanding benefits. Some of the most significant benefits of the product include anabolism/catabolism, immune system boost, dominant role in growth, development, heredity, and reproduction of organisms. It can also function as a food additive. This NADH stands out because of its high purity, which ensures great efficacy that allows for obtaining everything this coenzyme offers. Conclusion Bearing in mind that NADH is necessary for energy production, you may want to consider the powdered form available at Initial Naturals. We at Initial Naturals stand out as a reliable source of different compounds people need to function properly. All compounds are high in quality and purity since we are prepared or obtained in procedures that adhere to the latest industry standards. Besides providing a wide range of compounds, extracts, and other ingredients, we also aim to offer customers useful details about the effects and benefits you can expect. Thus, come and hear how we may help you.