Living a healthy life with a quality diet, exercise, and enough sleep at night is an excellent foundation to improving your overall well-being and sense of vibrancy. Sometimes, you need an extra natural boost to help protect your system from common ailments and severe diseases. That is why many nutritionists, dietitians, and homeopathic healthcare providers suggest a new health food ingredient to our lifestyle: anthocyanins.

Why Do You Need Anthocyanin Health Benefits?

The natural ability of people’s bodies to fight off severe diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, and even more common colds and cases of flu has a lot to do with our diet. The fuel is put into the bodies matters when it comes to improving the immune response, and that is why many people have turned to anthocyanin health benefits for help.

What Are Anthocyanins and Where Are They?

Anthocyanins are types of flavonoid with incredible antioxidant effects. They can be found in several natural foods, including blueberry anthocyanins. They are associated with the rich red, purple, and blue pigments that you can find in particular grapes, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, and more.

For generations, herbal medicine has long recognized the capabilities of this powerful health food ingredient. Still, it has only been recently that modern science has caught up to the long-held beliefs. For example, there are serval medical applications of common anthocyanins.

Five Things about Anthocyanin Health Benefits:

1.Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease is the major cause of death in the U.S. and is growing into the leading factor in many other countries worldwide. It is primarily because of chronic inflammation from our heart working overtime to pump blood through constricted vessels. Blueberry anthocyanins and other sources have been known to lower the risk of heart disease through their antioxidant benefit. In addition, they help lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and oxidative stress that all contribute to heart problems and high blood pressure.

2.Defending Against Cancer

While there is still no guaranteed cure for cancer, using anthocyanin health benefits could lower the risk of breast cancer, especially with blueberry anthocyanins. Tests have shown that these inhibit cancer cell growth and reduce tumor activity response in our bodies. Some evidence showed that anthocyanin could also activate apoptosis which is known to cause cancer cells to self-destruct.

3.Protect Against Diabetes

Diabetes is a silent killer that can sneak up on even the healthiest appearing person. However, researchers still do not know the exact reason that some people are more prone to diabetes than others. Still, we know that individuals who consume more than two servings of blueberry anthocyanins per week will have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes from the anthocyanin health benefits.

4.Protect Neurological Activity

Neurodegenerative diseases are a critical threat to our elder population. There is evidence that anthocyanins health benefits can protect neurons at the molecular level and penetrate the blood-brain barrier to prevent the symptoms and possible causes of neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. As scientific strives to improve in this area, they only confirm what many in the natural world have already understood, anthocyanins help.

5.Ward off Colds and Flu

Every year another round of flue and cold-causing viruses and germs are spread from personal contact with other humans, dirty surfaces, and being in the range of an unguarded sneeze. Luckily introducing anthocyanin health benefits into your diet increases your ability to defend against these potential threats by increasing your antioxidant levels.

Where to Get Anthocyanin Health Benefits?

The common sources of quality anthocyanins are berries and vegetables that contain rich pigments. While that may work for some with easy access to such delicious and nutritious food, the rest of us may not have the time or availability to fill up our refrigerators in a beautiful kaleidoscope of purples, reds, and blues. That is why finding a high-quality anthocyanin supplement from a trusted provider is the best option.

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