As more of us go to the gym and seek out those beach-ready bodies, we frequently turn to supplements and compounds to boost our body’s natural ability to grow muscle, burn fat, and boost our energy stores.  

A critical tool in that mission is the benefit of using a powder. The only problem is deciding whether amino acids or protein powder suits your unique situation. In general, you will find essential protein powders made from whey or plant-based products to have a larger market share, but this could be because it is simply better known. The amino acid powder has not had the widespread exposure as much as protein powder. Amino acids or protein powder, which is better and should you purchase?

What Is Amino Acid Powder?

Amino acids are available in powder form to be quickly absorbed into the body instead of tablets or capsules that take a little more to be broken down before being absorbed. This way, you can add the powder to your favorite workout beverage or post-exercise protein shake.

Amino acid is one kind of component of protein. They are the smallest individual units that makeup protein we use to build muscle and other essential internal processes. The average consumer finds them in meats, nuts, beans, and fish. You cannot get the amino acids you need without proper protein intake.

Uses of Amino Acid Powder:

  • Easier to digest for those with medical issues
  • Ideal for those trying to lose weight while maintaining their muscle mass
  • Amino acids supplements powder is good for those with liver issues
  • Helpful for older adults to recover from medical procedures like surgery
  • A wonderful source of protein for vegans and those on a plant-based diet

What is Protein Powder?

It is a gentle powder made from the protein in plants like soybeans, peas, rice, hemp, etc., or animal products like eggs, milk (casein or whey), and meat. They can include other ingredients that make them more appealing, like artificial flavoring, sugars, minerals, and thickeners, and typically deliver around 10 – 30 grams of protein per single scoop.

The most common reason for using protein powders is to bulk up. You’ll often find protein powders in health magazines or weight lifting resources as a method to increase your muscle mass or size. They can also be used to ensure those suffering from a deficiency are getting the essential nutrition they need to live.

Uses of Protein Powder:

  • Encourage weight loss by bulking up protein intake
  • Excellent source of added nutrition for adults
  • It helps powerlifters and exercise enthusiasts add muscle mass
  • It can help repair muscle damage after an accident or surgery
  • Usually, a higher caloric concentration

Amino Acids or Protein Powder: Similarities and Differences

When you decide between amino acids or protein powder, it comes down to the nutritional source and benefit of the product. Are you an individual looking to bulk up for a weight lifting competition or someone just trying to get the nutrients you need to lose weight?

Their Similarities

  1. Provide extra protein to the body
  2. Give you the nutritional support you need if you cannot digest normal protein sources
  3. Allow for multiple dietary lifestyles without sacrificing protein intake
  4. Present a healthy avenue to increase vitality in older generations

Their Differences

  1. Amino acids tend not to have the added sugars, minerals, or other ingredients as protein powder
  2. Amino acids do not come in the same variety of flavors, sources, or sizes as protein powder
  3. Protein powder tends to have a higher concentrate of calories per scoop
  4. Amino acids are a little better to take pre and during workouts to boost your energy levels and muscle output
  5. Amino acids breakdown faster in the body and don’t require the time of protein powders for absorption

Amino Acids or Protein Powder: Their Different Benefits

No matter amino acids or protein powder, they have their advantages to human bodies. If you are someone longing for bulking up purely, protein powder will be the better choice. You’ll get powerful protein intake levels for little powder in a scoop and solid results when combined with a strategized and rounded exercise program.

The same is true for caloric intake. For example, those older adults or people recovering from an accident/surgery will benefit from the increased supplements found in a protein powder that carries a heavier calorie level.

Amino acids are better for others interested in losing weight or who do not want additives in their food, because they do not contain the high calories or preservatives and sugar as regular protein powder and absorb quickly into the body’s systems.

An Excellent Source of High-Quality Amino Acid Powder

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